PayPal reported 11 percent growth in charitable giving in 2016, processing $7.3 billion in contributions over the year, including more than $971 million raised during the holiday season alone, the company said. According to its final tally, a total of 8 million PayPal users in 181 countries contributed $971,213,604 to 282,053 charities, making 2016 the biggest year yet for end-of-year donations with the company’s payment service. As it did the year before, PayPal monitored giving behavior throughout the holiday season, using an interactive tracker that collected data on numerous fronts. An analysis of that data showed that the average contribution for the holiday season was $93, slightly above the yearlong average of $89; some 21 percent of gifts the company processed were made via a mobile device this holiday season, with 12 percent more gifts coming from a mobile device when compared to 2015; and the last day of the year was again the most popular day to make donations through the PayPal platform.