The Pacific Life Foundation has awarded grants of $500,000 each to four national marine mammal and ocean-focused nonprofit agencies for conservation and research. The Ocean Conservancy will use the funds to support the recruitment of one million volunteers for participation in Coastal Cleanup Day; expansion of media relations efforts to raise greater awareness of ocean trash, removal and prevention; and other efforts. Oceana will use its grant to gain science-based fishery management measures in U.S. fisheries that will reduce bycatch of marine mammals and other animals and protect and restore small-fish populations at the base of the food web that supports marine mammals, larger fish and seabirds. The Nature Conservancy’s grant will focus on reinventing ocean information systems in California by transforming slow, outdated systems into a model of ocean information management built on real-time data streams that provide continuous signals of ocean health. And the World Wildlife Fund will use the funding for efforts to reduce the devastating impacts of bycatch by working with both fisheries and policymakers, including leveraging the Marine Mammal Protection Act import rules to help develop and promote new technologies such as gillnet lights that help curb fisheries’ bycatch and save marine species.