The Nationwide Foundation has awarded a $10 million grant to the Nationwide Foundation Pediatric Innovation Fund at Nationwide Children’s Hospital to help accelerate promising research and clinical discoveries at the hospital. The Nationwide Foundation Pediatric Innovation Fund was established by the Nationwide Foundation in 2014 and has contributed $30 million since its initial gift of $10 million in that same year. The fund has supported several key clinical and research efforts in heart health, neonatology, injury prevention and, most notably, genomics, the foundation said. In addition to genomics, the Nationwide Foundation Pediatric Innovation Fund supports injury prevention efforts through funding of the Nationwide Children’s Center for Injury Research and Policy. Contributions made by the foundation to the hospital have supported important child safety research and in collaboration with CIRP, the Make Safe Happen app was developed. The app is aimed at making the rooms in a home safer and provides parents and caregivers a room-by-room safety checklist and links to recommended safety products.