JPMorgan Chase & Co. has announced a $17 million, five-year commitment to U.S. cities working to increase the number of teens with access to quality summer work experiences that put them on a path to greater economic mobility. As part of the firm’s more than $325 million global investment in skills development, this nationwide effort will help equip young people with the skills and experiences they need to succeed and bridge the gap between the demand for summer jobs and the number of available positions, the company said. This summer, $3 million of the $17 million investment in Summer Youth Employment Programs will go to organizations in 19 U.S. cities that provide training and work experiences for young people, including Chicago; Cleveland; Dallas; Plano, Texas; Detroit; Indianapolis; Louisville, Ky.; Milwaukee; St. Louis; Boston; Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; Jersey City, N.J.; Miami; New York City; Newark, N.J.; Philadelphia; Sacramento, Calif.; San Francisco; and Seattle. In addition to providing summer jobs for thousands of young people each year, this investment will support efforts to strengthen the summer youth employment field nationally by fostering learning, collaboration and innovation across U.S. cities, the company said.