Seiko Epson Corp., a subsidiary of Seiko Group that does business as Epson Corp., is a global manufacturer of printers of all types—including dot matrix, inkjet, laser and thermal printers—as well as the various inks and components that come along with them. Epson’s product line also includes projectors, scanners and PCs; electronic components such as semiconductors and LCDs; and other products used in industrial settings, including robots. The company has manufacturing facilities in over 25 countries and sells its products worldwide. In 2016, Epson posted sales of about $10.1 billion and employed about 7,700 workers.


Epson’s corporate giving program includes a combination of cash and product donations, and employee volunteerism, to support nonprofit organizations serving a wide range of program areas and constituents. Much of the company’s giving is directed to groups and causes serving the communities where it does business.

The company’s core focus areas include:

  • Education. Epson supports a wide range of education-related programs through the Epson International Scholarship Foundation, which offers scholarships and grant support for programs that promote in-class science education, the use of technology in academia and the application of technology in addressing environmental challenges.
  • The company opens up its factories to tours for local school students periodically throughout the year, providing insight into the application of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in industry. It also provides its products to schools for in-class projects as well as extracurricular activities.

    And it supports adult education and workforce training through the Epson Information Science Vocational School, which it founded in 1989. Its purpose is to develop technical personnel who are trusted by the community and can make wide-ranging contributions to society.

    Most of the instructors are businesspeople or technical experts who have worked on the front lines of business, including some of Epson’s own employees who volunteer to teach classes. Classes are designed to ensure that students acquire technical skills they can put to practical use on the job. As of March 2016, more than 2,500 persons have graduated from the school, and Epson has made informal employment offers to 95 percent or more of each graduating class in the 27 years since it opened.

  • Arts and culture. Epson has been a corporate sponsor of the Seiji Ozawa Matsumoto Festival held every summer since 1992. The festival lasts for about a month in the city of Matsumoto, in Nagano, Japan. As part of the festival, elementary school children and children from special-needs schools in Nagano Prefecture are invited to a special Concert for Children, performed by young children for their young peers.
  • In addition, Epson Taiwan Technology & Trading Ltd. has been showing movies at elementary schools in Taiwan since 2009. The aim is to use Epson projectors to bring the joy of movies to local children. To date, ETT has shown movies to about 110,000 people in 1,100 places.

    Since 2010, ETT also has been holding a painting contest that has a movie theme. Up to 1,500 works are submitted by children every year. The works are screened by well-known journalists and artists, and selected works are awarded prizes.

  • Environmental conservation. For the past 15 years, Epson Portland Inc. has set aside every April as a month to think about energy conservation and the global environment. During this month, employees hold a recycling event that collects hundreds of pounds of used electronics, paper and other materials. Recently, the company has held the event in partnership with the local government to collect harmful household waste. More than 200 area citizens brought in old paint, used drum cans and other materials that were taken to a waste processing plant, where they were all appropriately processed.
  • At its Epson Precision Suzhou Co. facility in China, the company has been holding parent-child cleanup events as a way to contribute to a healthy community environment and to educate children about the environment.

    The facility’s employees and their family members also participate in cleanups of local parks, and even take part in annual activities such as Earth Hour, a lights-out event where employees pledge to stop using electricity to draw attention to the environmental impacts of energy use and production.

    And in April 2015, employees from Epson Engineering in Shenzhen, China, volunteered to plant trees along the banks of Gong Ming Dam, a water resource protection area in Shenzhen, China. Some 90 employees and members of their families spent two hours planting more than 200 saplings to prevent sand and soil from washing into the Gong Ming Dam and protect this precious source of water.

Additional information is available on the company’s website.