Formerly known as The Schwan Food Company, Schwan’s is one of the largest makers of frozen pizzas in the United States, with such brands as Tony’s, Red Baron and Freschetta in its portfolio. Its pizzas and other frozen foods are sold nationwide in grocery stores, by mail and through cafeterias and others in the food service industry. Its Schwan’s Home Service subsidiary is the largest direct-to-home food delivery provider in the country, distributing over 400 products from its Schwan’s and LiveSmart lines to customers via a fleet of about 4,500 delivery trucks. The privately owned company employs about 11,000 workers.


Schwan’s charitable giving is focused on improving the quality of life in communities where its employees live and work. Through a mix of direct corporate giving and foundation grantmaking, the company supports efforts to end hunger, promote youth education and leadership development, and provide essential services that advance healthier communities.

Schwan’s Corporate Giving Foundation was established by the company in 2000 to support community causes and events associated with ending hunger and developing youth. Some examples of groups and programs supported by the foundation include:

  • Feeding America. Schwan’s and the Schwan’s Corporate Giving Foundation partner with Feeding America on a number of fronts. The company’s support includes:
    • Providing in-kind gifts.
    • Creating employee volunteer opportunities.
    • Building awareness of Feeding America and its affiliated food banks and agencies among employees and customers.
    • Giving 1.1 million pounds of food and ingredients in 2016 alone.
    • Donating approximately 6 million pounds of food over a five-year period.
  • Education and youth leadership development. In 2015, Schwan’s and its foundation partnered to award a $1 million gift at the University of Minnesota to support:
    • Graduate assistantships and undergraduate scholarships in the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences.
    • Women Invested in Leadership and Learning.
    • A nutrition center for student-athletes.
    • Men’s and women’s athletics.

    The Schwan’s Corporate Giving Foundation also supports scholarship opportunities for the children of Schwan’s subsidiary employees with renewable scholarships worth $2,500 per year. In 2016, 40 students in 15 states were awarded postsecondary scholarships. In addition, the foundation supports the Schwan’s Academic Scholarship at Southwest Minnesota State University.

  • The School Nutrition Foundation. For more than 30 years, Schwan’s has made an annual donation to the School Nutrition Foundation’s scholarship program. This scholarship enables the School Nutrition Foundation to promote nutrition in school lunch programs and enhance school food service management. Scholarships up to $2,500 each are awarded each year.
  • The United Way. Schwan’s and the Schwan’s Corporate Giving Foundation support organizations such as the local United Way that have a broad impact on the communities in which the company’s employees live and work. The foundation awards grants to support employee campaigns for local United Ways.
  • Second Harvest Heartland. Schwan’s also sponsors DISH—the leading fundraising event for Second Harvest Heartland, a Minneapolis-St. Paul food bank.

In addition, the company offers a program called Schwan’s Cares that helps schools and charities with their fundraising. The program allows charities to launch online campaigns in which their supporters can purchase Schwan’s products for home delivery, and a portion of the proceeds goes directly to the charity. Schwan’s Cares fundraising has helped generate over $11.7 million for charities and organizations to date.

Further information is available on the company’s website.