LensCrafters is a leading optical retail chain, selling prescription eyewear and sunglasses through a network of over 850 stores in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Hong Kong. The store typically has an independent optometrist on-site or located in an adjacent building, offering one-stop shopping for customers looking to update their prescriptions. The company carries a varied line of frames and lenses, many of which are manufactured by parent company Luxottica, the largest eyewear company in the world.


LensCrafters’ charitable giving is focused exclusively on efforts to provide the gift of sight to those in need around the world. The company provides a mix of cash, product and employee volunteer support, working primarily with global vision-focused nonprofit OneSight. Through a variety of partnerships with on-the-ground organizations in all corners of the globe, OneSight provides comprehensive eye exams, vision care and customized prescription glasses to people in need throughout the world.

Through charitable and sustainable solutions like OneSight Vision Clinics and Vision Centers, LensCrafters is helping OneSight meet the immediate and long-term vision care needs of the 563 million people all over the world still struggling to see.

LensCrafters employees and vision care specialists volunteer their time and expertise to train local partners to operate OneSight sustainable vision centers around the world, including in The Gambia and rural China, and closer to home in Cincinnati. LensCrafters and its partner doctors help equip and empower these centers to make sure the community has permanent access to quality vision care.

Independent optometrists that do business at or next to LensCrafters branches work with optical experts from LensCrafters to help OneSight by giving their time and passion to provide comprehensive eye exams at Vision Clinics and bring quality vision care to millions in need.

And through product donations and efforts of LensCrafters employees and doctors, patients receive high-quality eyeglasses customized to their prescription.

Some examples of the company’s support for OneSight include:

  • Serving the Sioux. In 2013, 80 LensCrafters employees and independent doctors volunteered with OneSight to provide quality vision care to the Cheyenne River Sioux in Eagle Butte, South Dakota, seeing firsthand the transformative power of filling a need for comprehensive eye exams and prescription glasses.
  • Bringing vision care to Mexico. Over five days, outside of Mexico City, LensCrafters and OneSight helped over 2,700 people of all ages get the vision care they needed. Many were elderly people who’d never had an eye exam.
  • Serving the needs of South Africans. For 13 days in October 2013, a team of volunteers helped provide sight to 5,000 South Africans during a OneSight Vision Clinic. In KwaZulu-Natal, there is only one optometrist per 26,000 people. During OneSight’s time in South Africa, more than 5,000 South Africans were given access to quality vision care and quality eyewear.
  • Expanding to West Africa. LensCrafters helped OneSight expand its services to The Gambia, where there was once only one optometrist to serve 1.8 million people. In 2013, OneSight opened its first sustainable vision center in Farafenni, The Gambia, providing the community access to comprehensive eye exams and affordable glasses. Since its debut, the sustainable vision center’s staff has seen almost 3,000 patients with an average of 107 patients seen per week.
  • Launching rural clinics in Thailand. Dr. Dana Kindberg, a LensCrafters optometrist, was initially inspired to go to optometry school after participating in OneSight Clinics around the world. She spread her joy for her chosen field by later volunteering to serve at a Vision Clinic in Thailand that serves low-income populations, including school children from rural communities.
  • Studying the impact of vision care in China. In China’s rural regions, Stanford University’s Rural Education Action Program and OneSight are studying how access to prescription glasses can improve academic life for rural Chinese students, fewer than 5 percent of whom will attend college. Dubbed Seeing Is Learning, this collaborative program could have profound implications for China’s future as the country develops.

LensCrafters also conducts various eyewear collection drives and in-store fundraising initiatives in support of OneSight. Last year, the company raised nearly $3 million for the organization.

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