Chesapeake Energy is a leading developer of onshore oil and natural gas assets in the United States. The company is one of the largest natural gas producers in the country, with estimated proved reserves of about 6.5 trillion cubic feet of natural gas equivalent. The company has reserves and production operations scattered across the country, including in the Permian Basin, the Rockies, Appalachia and elsewhere, with more than 22,000 individual oil and gas wells on line. Chesapeake also owns oil and natural gas marketing and natural gas compression businesses. In 2016, the company posted sales of about $7.8 billion and directly employed about 3,300 workers.


Chesapeake’s philanthropy is directed largely at efforts to improve the quality of life in areas where it does business. The company’s giving takes many forms, including:

  • Cash donations, which go to organizations that align with the company’s core values and business strategies. Chesapeake partners with local nonprofit organizations to meet community needs through financial donations. The company’s core giving areas include science, technology, engineering and math education; the environment; emergency and disaster response; and community development.
  • One of the company’s largest charitable partners is the United Way. Every fall, Chesapeake hosts an employee-driven companywide fundraising campaign, with Chesapeake matching employee donations. During a two-month period, the company holds a variety of activities to raise awareness and collect donations for the organization and its beneficiaries. In Oklahoma City alone, the company and its employees raised roughly $1.5 million for the United Way of Central Oklahoma, making it one of the largest employee giving campaigns benefiting the organization each year.

  • In-kind donations, in the form of repurposed materials that have been retired from the corporate life cycle. For example, after a number of employee moves and asset sales, Chesapeake’s facilities and employee services divisions recently had an excess of office supplies that were at the end of their corporate life cycle. In partnership with the company’s social responsibility team, the three business groups collaborated to organize Donation Day. Through this event—which spanned two days—nonprofits shopped for complimentary office supplies and equipment. Nearly 75 nonprofits and schools left Donation Day with boxes of supplies acquired free of charge. Many of the organizations were Chesapeake’s long-term community partners, but employees also had the opportunity to nominate nonprofits to participate.
  • Employee volunteerism, through programs that connect Chesapeake workers with local charitable groups working to create positive change in their communities. The company’s workers volunteer under the company’s H.E.L.P. (Helping Energize Local Progress) Initiative, through which employees may use four hours of company time per year to volunteer at the nonprofit of their choice.
  • Mentoring programs, which pair employees with local students to encourage academic success and build self-esteem. A cornerstone of the H.E.L.P. Initiative is the Chesapeake Mentoring Program, through which Chesapeake employees mentor students in Oklahoma City schools. In the last 20 years, Chesapeake has built one of the largest mentoring programs in the state. Each week during the school year, more than 200 employees visit one-on-one with elementary and high school students during their workdays.

Additional information is available on the company’s website.