Bain is a leading management consulting firm, offering an array of services to business and institutional clients around the world looking to streamline their operations. Bain advises clients on strategy, operations, information technology, organization, private equity, digital transformation and strategy, and mergers and acquisitions, among other services. Founded in 1973, Bain has 55 offices in 36 countries and serves clients across virtually every industry and economic sector. The firm is privately held.


Bain supports a wide variety of philanthropic organizations and initiatives in communities around the world where it has business operations. The company focuses its giving on the following core areas:

  • Education. Education is the company’s most significant social-sector investment. Through partnerships with various nonprofit organizations, Bain seeks to maximize student achievement across the globe, offering a mix of cash and pro bono support. Some examples include:
    • StudentsFirst. Bain has been a key partner of StudentsFirst since their launch in 2010. Founded by Michelle Rhee, former chancellor of the District of Columbia Public Schools, StudentsFirst is leading a national movement to significantly improve the U.S. educational system.
    • Teach For America. Since 2009, Teach For America and Bain have been working together to inspire and cultivate transformational school leaders.
    • Teach For China. Bain teamed with Teach For China to expand the organization’s reach across the nation and deliver on its mission to recruit and train education leaders, matching them with schools in need.
    • The London Early Years Foundation. Bain’s London office partnered with the London Early Years Foundation to help refine its growth strategy. LEYF is a social enterprise with a mission to build a better future for children in London by providing affordable early years education.
  • Economic development. Bain works with a number of leading organizations to foster and accelerate entrepreneurship, with the ultimate goal of driving social and economic change on a large scale. Some recent examples include:
    • Endeavor. Bain has supported Endeavor, a global nonprofit that promotes economic development through mentoring entrepreneurs, in articulating both its global and country-level strategies.
    • Acumen. Bain and Acumen partnered to better align the organization’s global operating model to meet next-stage growth objectives. The two continue to work together through strategy projects, IP collaboration and externships.
    • PlaNet Finance. Since 2007, Bain’s Paris office has been working with the PlaNet Finance Group, a microfinance and technical assistance provider fighting the war on poverty through the development of entrepreneurship.
  • Local community development. Local teams of Bain employees support nonprofit partners and provide pro bono work and other support to help them boost their impact. Some notable examples include:
    • BonVenture. Bain helped BonVenture, Germany’s largest social venture fund, to develop a new strategy and business model that will help kick-start the next stage of the German impact investing market.
    • Florence. Bain helped Florence, a home-care service in Tokyo that looks after sick children who would normally be in day care, better serve its customers and grow its organization.
    • The World Childhood Foundation. Bain is a long-term partner of the World Childhood Foundation in Sweden, an organization that raises awareness of the suffering endured by vulnerable and exploited children in many parts of the world.

Bain’s employees also give back to their communities through volunteer service and fundraising activities. The company’s offices around the world hold a Bain Social Impact Day and/or Community Impact Day, which generates thousands of hours of volunteer service from its employee ranks. And Bain employees are encouraged to rally for the causes they care about through the Bain Cares program, which supports them by sponsoring and facilitating anything from local office fundraising events to global fundraising campaigns.

For more information, visit the company’s website.